RF Bug Detector

 The Near Radio Field Meter
detects and locates Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitting devices, which could be hidden in some of the most common places in homes and offices.

The Near Radio Field Meter is able to detect any possible RF transmitter (BUG) from the frequency ranges of 1 mhz to 2.5 ghz with transmission strengths as low as 50 milliwatts to a high as 100 watts, without the need for complex adjustments. 

This makes the NRFM-1000 a versatile tool for counter surveillance sweeps and is a highly useful piece of diagnostic equipment for the seasoned radio or electronics technician.

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     The RF Bug Detector NRFM-1000 detects and displays the signal strength or proximity of the hidden transmitter, by the use of a Precision Linear Edge Panel Meter. This precision analog meter also gives the ability of the user, with it's backlit display, to work in almost any lighting conditions and is very easy to use.  The NRFM-1000 also has the unique ability to actually demodulate (or decode) the signal to the earpiece, which allows the user to identify "what" type of signal they are detecting, by actually hearing what the "bug" broadcasts.  The NRFM-1000 will demodulate many different types of  Radio Frequency modulation patterns such as AM, FM, FSK, CW, SSB (single side band) and Burst (frequency hopping), all automatically, without complicated switching by the user.

  The only valid method of detection of hidden radio transmitters or bugs, is to first identify the radio emission, then locate and remove the problem..Remember, that our equipment is only a tool used to aid a person in the field of counter-surveillance. Only the human being using knowledge, skill, and a methodical approach can find a surveillance device and remove it from operation.

Specifications Overview

Near Radio Field Meter - NRFM-1000
RF BUG Detector 

  • Sturdy ABS plastic case: Size  2 3/4" X 4 1/2" X 1"
  • Precision Linear Edge Panel Meter with with backlight on "indicator"- provides a proximity detection of signal strength to locate rf transmitters and will work in low lighting conditions.
  • Detects and Demodulates AM, FM, FSK, CW, SSB , Burst, Spread Spectrum - without complicated switches and tuning.
  • Discrete monaural earpiece included - for listening and verifying possible intrusion devices from other "background" noise.
  • High impedance solid antenna - One piece solid constructed removable antenna - Length 10 1/2 in.- which eliminates the need for buying and changing antennas to match multiple frequencies.
  • Automatic Noise Reduction Circuit - filters out unwanted lowband noise - ex. 60hz wiring.
  • Ultra sensitivity adjustment & Volume adjustment combo - precision Zero Adjust signal gain and volume control adjustment - filters out higher powered radio signals and simultaneously, allowing volume control adjustment for the earpiece - all in one easy adjustment. 
  • Wideband autotuning frequency response - 1megahertz (1mhz) to 2.5gigahertz(2.5ghz) -locks in on strongest signal versus background "noise".
  • Ability to detect these devices: 
    • Hidden wireless bugs - direct audio or digital encryption (1mhz-2.4ghz) 
    • Hidden wireless cameras (common examples - popular 434 mhz, 900mhz, and 2.5ghz) 
    • Hidden vehicle tracking devices (common examples - popular 130mhz ,400mhz, 1.2ghz, 1.5ghz and 2.2ghz)
    • Other common wireless eavesdropping devices used in the (1mhz - 2.5ghz) full frequency spectrum.
  • Overall detection capabilities: RF Power input:  50mW -100,000 mW, High impedance over 1megohm, Frequency Response: 1 Megahertz to 2.5 Gigahertz flat response curve, Gain amplification:  +20db to display .
  • Powered by a simple 9volt battery - low current draw for long battery life.
  • Built in short circuit and overload protection.
  • Detailed instructional manual included - technical and laymen's explanation on how to use the unit, performing sweeps, and where to find possible intrusions.
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support* - by telephone or email support from our specialists..
    *Lifetime technical support is free to our customers, once they register. Free Registration Form comes with product line.

  • Test for near-field R.F. radiation source
  • Sweep for and locate illegal transmitting devices "BUGS"
  • Locate vehicle tracking devices
  • Detect possible harmful Microwave radiation sources 
  • Test for leakage in transmission cables
  • Test antenna site near-field patterns
  • Detect the unauthorized use of cell-phones or cell-tracking devices
  • Detect the illegal use of communication devices at business meetings

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