Telephone Tap Detector with Defeat

The Telephone Line / Load Analyzer 
TLLA-2500 Pro
analyzes the complete telephone system, 24 hours a day, which includes the telephone, the telephone line, and it's various connections inside and outside your residence to the telephone company.
The TLLA-2500 Pro analyzes and detects variances in impedance, load ,voltage and other wiretap characteristics and immediately alerts the user by a silent indication on the front display panel. 
The TLLA-2500 Pro has the upgraded feature of eliminating and defeating certain types of wiretaps, electronically, and confirming the result to the user.
Telephone Tap Detector, Telephone Line Wiretap Analyzer with Defeat
      The Telephone Tap Detector TLLA-2500 Pro is designed to detect even the most sophisticated eavesdropping devices that may be installed anywhere on the subscribers telephone line. These devices include the most common Series and Parallel devices, Infinity "remote activated" type taps, Telephone Tape recorders, Extension eavesdroppers and Lineman's Headsets. It will even detect hard to find Capacitive and Inductive (non-loading) type taps. It has Ringer indication and In-use displays, letting you know the exact condition of the telephone line. Plus, it can detect the most sophisticated type of telephone intrusions of all. These are "Remote Extension Drawn Loops", which are Legal and Illegal Taps placed at the Telephone Company's Central Exchange. The TLLA-2500 Pro, with the usage of it's microprocessor technology, looks at all of the available parameters of a telephone line pair for anomalies, not just one. 

   The TLLA-2500 Pro can not only detect a wiretap, but can defeat certain types of wiretap devices electronically. Once the TLLA-2500 Pro has alerted the user of a "tap" or "wiretap" in progress, while using the telephone, the user can switch to "Defeat On" mode. If the "tap" can be electronically defeated, the TLLA-2500 Pro will confirm that the tap has been "turned off".  Now the user can continue the conversation with confidence in knowing that their telephone is now secure.

   Even though the TLLA-2500 Pro can not defeat every type of known wiretap device available, due to the many different principles of wiretap devices, the defeat mode has been designed to "turn off" the most common types of wiretap devices, such as recorders and transmitters. Our unit will always alert  and confirm to the user what can be defeated, and what can not be defeated.

   Remember, that our equipment is only a tool used to aid a person in the field of counter-surveillance. Only the human being using knowledge, skill, and a methodical approach can find a surveillance device and remove it from operation. Our in-depth owners manual can instruct the individual to where a possible wiretap may exist, aiding the user in the proper identification of the hidden wiretap device to provide a proper counter measure solution.


Specifications Overview

Telephone Line/Load Analyzer  -  TLLA-2500 Pro
The Telephone Wiretap (Tap) Detector

  • Sturdy ABS plastic case Size   5.25" X 5.25" X 1.5" -Small, lightweight and portable.. Can be used anywhere.
  • Power: 120 VAC to 12VDC -- U.L. Listed Wall Transformer - Does not "draw" power from the telephone line. This provides for better accuracy, and is telephone company "friendly". This also provides for 24 hour continuous protection whether you're using the phone or not.

  • Display: 2 LED's that indicate (ON HOOK) & (OFF HOOK) taps. - Easy to read illuminated display, no complicated "meters" to read. Fully micro-processor controlled.
  • Compliance capabilities:

  •  U.S. Standard, Single Telephone Line Interface (common Home or Office line)
     0.5 db telephone line loading characteristics
     Complies with FCC part 15 & 68
  • Comes complete- with all necessary quick telephone hookups:

  •   Telephone jack type RJ-11C - (on back of unit) - U.S. Standard telephone interface
      6 feet of phone cord
      Telephone jack type RJ-11C - (on front of unit) - Accepts users U.S. Standard Telephone
  • Signal Detection:(+ / - .001 ) sensitivity range (impedance/load/voltage)

  • Detects intrusive devices (ON and OFF hook) in less than (1 millisecond)
  • Ability to detect:
  • All Parasitic - "Series", "Parallel" and "Infinity"  type Taps
  • Most Non-Parasitic - "Capacitive", and "Inductive" type Taps
  • "Remote Extension Drawn Loops"- Legal and Illegal Taps from Telephone Company's Central Exchange. (REMOBS)
  • Bridge Taps - Offsite direct extensions - direct or capacitively coupled
  • Telephone Extensions & Tape Recorders
  • Telephone Line Tampering - including lineman's handsets - direct or capacitively coupled
  • Ringer LED Indication
  • Telephone IN-USE indication
  • Ability to defeat and confirm: 
  • Parasitic - "Series", "Parallel" and "Infinity" type Taps
  • Bridge Taps and Bridging Circuitry - Offsite direct extensions or locations
  • Automatic Tape & Digital Recorders 
  • RF Leeching Transmitters
  • RF On-Hook Flooding Methods - low RF to high RF bands
  • Defeat On Mode - user selectable switching system (on/off) - defeats and confirms, as the user needs or situation arises.
  • Unique Identification Ability - built in (UIA) technology will allow the user to identify and disseminate what TYPE of wiretap is installed, for aid in locating and removing the intrusive device
    • Surge Suppression:

    •  Internal short circuit and overload protection
       Telephone line spike protection
    • Detailed instructional manual included - technical and layman's explanation on how to use the unit, detecting different types of telephone taps and how to read indications of  "Remote Extension Drawn Loops" or REMOBS.(Telephone Company Central Exchange "taps")
    • Free Lifetime Tech Support* - by telephone or email support from our specialists..
      *Lifetime technical support is free to our customers, once they register. Free Registration Form comes with product line.

  • Detect the use of illegal or legal wiretaps for home and business applications
  • Defeats the most common types of wiretapping devices, electronically 
  • Securing home and personal telephone conversations from eavesdropping over extensions and inline wiretaps
  • Ensuring proper telephone connections (indicates faulty equipment or lines) 
  • Maintaining a clean, private connection between Friends and Associates

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